Xbox 360 Slim On The Way [News]

Hey guys, so recently I saw an advertisement on Facebook about an “Xbox 720” with a picture of what looked like a Prototype Xbox, I thought it was probably just a scam or a hoax or something since I had heard nothing of it before. But I hovered over the advert and noticed the link was pointing to a Facebook page, so I figured there was no harm in going to one of them.

When I clicked it, It opened a video that looked very authentic, the video was of a nice, sleek and stylish new looking Xbox and the way the video was made was just like Microsoft make their other previews, so I researched it a bit more and it turns out that it’s real, only thing is it’s not called the Xbox 720, it’s actually called the Xbox 360 Slim and it’s already been released which took a lot of people by surprise, even me. It is essentially a slimmed down 360, painted a very shinny black with a stylish intent in the front of it. Click here to see it.

It looks, to me, like they’ve crossed the Xbox (the original) with the Xbox Elite, painted it with a gloss finish, made it skinnier and also shorter and have boosted up the amount of Gig’s the HDD has (now at 250GB).

I’ve also heard that on-top of it having Built-in WiFi, it will also be completely wireless and will only need to be charged every now and again, I’m not sure how true this is since it was a “Word on the street is..” moment. But if that is true, the up-side is you don’t have to screw around with cords and you could also travel with it. The down-side is that you have to watch the charge level on it and keep charging it over and over which might cause it to slowly lose the amount of battery life it can store at any one time..

Now, some problems with this do arrive however, such as; with all the internal components being either shrunk or moved closer together, wouldn’t it be more likely that with this version we will see the “Ring of Death” more often? It seems like it will be a repeat of the first gen Xbox 360, since there will now be less free room inside the case for it to “Breath” (Air flow) so that it can cool down better and stop the system from over-heating.

Now, Microsoft claims that it will be “less susceptible to RROD (Red Ring of Death)” but I wouldn’t just straight up believe something like that without having some evidence, I mean, lets face it, it wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft screwed up, just look at Internet Explorer and Vista.

In any-case, I wouldn’t mind getting one of these, but I’d say it’d be safer to just wait until the “hard-core” fans figure out what’s wrong, wait till Microsoft fixes it, and then get one. Although it is fairly tempting to get one straight away, just look at that sleek design, it’s hard to resist.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I just thought you might like to know about this and get a heads-up on anything that could go wrong that you should look out for. Well I’ll see you next time, take care!

Feel free to take this further in the comments btw, I’m sure you could strike up a good convo down there.

10 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Slim On The Way [News]

  1. Tim

    It’s the new 360 Elite, btw. And it’s probably not wireless as it’s a bit difficult to get a 360 running as long as most people do on a battery when it runs on 12 volts.

    Plus, I’ve seen more vents on it and there’s most likely more fans, if they’re smaller, and the layout’s probably more efficient.

  2. Sean Post author

    Yeah, the layout probably is more efficient and I noticed more vents aswell. But it’s not to say that this will help it beat RROD, It’s very unlikely that MS has made something smaller yet better.

  3. Ruben De Vries

    yeh it looks good but lets be honest the currrent needs some major repair to work right and if they think this one will fix the issues then well they gunna need to pretty dam certain. the built in wireless i fear will be crap due to its finally included in the price but based on the price of the full console it might not be very good. yeh that my thoughts

    1. Sean Post author

      Well hopefully they have made improvements on it, but making it smaller whilst doing so may prove to be a mistake..

      Well the wireless feature was just something I heard, I can’t vouch for it’s authenticity but Built in WiFi will be good because you wont have to buy a USB WiFi adapter.

  4. Jon

    It’s still a piece of shit. So many years and they still haven’t fixed the fact it eats the shit out of disks when you nudge it.

    1. Sean Post author

      Well I haven’t experienced that problem because I haven’t been stupid enough bump it while it’s running..

      Plus I’m sure a PC would do that too, it’s just that PC’s are heavier and there-for are harder to bump

      1. Jon

        Intelligence doesn’t play a part. Say you want to move it to access something else. You’ll have to eject the CD and power it down.

        PS3 doesn’t have this problem, and no, PC’s do not eat CD’s. I’ve had several laptops and lightweight computers that I’ve pushed whilst reading a CD and nothing like what the xbox does has happened. One of my towers even fell off my table and everything was still fine.

        Don’t be a fanboy by trying to think up excuses and reasons as to why it doesn’t matter.

        1. Sean Post author

          Then what stops a disc from being scratched on other things? Because the CD/DVD drives on an Xbox look pretty similar to that of a PC’s..


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