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Just Cause 3 Wingsuit 0

Just Cause 3 – First Impressions

Hello all, how are you going? I’m glad to be back here with a new post for you! Today I have two things, a video and a first impressions write-up on Just Cause 3....

Sniper: Ghost Warrior [Review] 10

Sniper: Ghost Warrior [Review]

Hey guys, so I purchased Sniper: Ghost Warrior for the PC the other day, I did try to get it for the Xbox 360, but there was none left, so I settled for the...

Red Dead Redemption [Review] 6

Red Dead Redemption [Review]

Hey guys, Tim here again. This post was started ages ago, but I had to start again because the original idea for it was to write it whilst I was still playing though it...

Setting Up Your Pinnacle Dazzle [How-To] 0

Setting Up Your Pinnacle Dazzle [How-To]

Hey there, today we will be explaining what capturing means and how to setup a capturing device correctly. This How-To is more focused on the “Pinnacle Dazzle” capture device, but works for other devices...

Pinnacle Dazzle/Studio – Best Quality [How-to] 48

Pinnacle Dazzle/Studio – Best Quality [How-to]

Hey guys, today I thought I’d make a how-to on getting the best quality video using the Pinnacle Dazzle and Pinnacle Studio without buying any extentions. I’m using Studio 11 so things may vary...

Games Using 3D Glasses? 26

Games Using 3D Glasses?

Hey guys, “Should games use the same 3D technolodgy that avatar used?” This is what crossed my mind when I was watching avatar in 3D at the movies a few weeks ago.