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Just Cause 3 Wingsuit

Just Cause 3 – First Impressions

Hello all, how are you going? I’m glad to be back here with a new post for you!

Today I have two things, a video and a first impressions write-up on Just Cause 3. The video is just me cruising around in Just Cause 3 in nothing but a wingsuit for over 8 minutes without landing or deploying my parachute.

I also got a 10 minute record before this one, I did have it recording, but Fraps ended up messing me up, 1 being an .AVI, and the other being the video output ended up being 35GB just for 10 minutes of gameplay.

So I’m using Shadowplay and it’s less than 5% of that size now, and I’m much happier with that fact. So I’ll post the video first, then I’ll get into the first impressions.

Okay, here you go:

Alright, I hope you liked that, I know there was no commentary, I’m not that great at it yet so I’m not going to attempt it at present.

Let me know what you thought of it, any favorite parts if any?

First Impressions

I have got to say, this game is awesome. Like, seriously awesome. I loved Just Cause 2, but I really love Just Cause 3. It’s essentially an amp’d up, graphics pumped, feature rich version of it’s predecessor. And that’s amazing.

The Wingsuit; as you can tell, is my favorite thing to do in this game, it’s so great even now without the upgrades you can add to make it faster and more useful, and I can’t wait to get those and crack my 10 minute record.

The Vehicles; they’re amazing, and I haven’t even tried a plane yet, or even the sports cars, all I know is despite their arcade style’d controls, the physics of them are really awesome. Especially when you blow-up a bridge while you’re driving over it.

The Graphics; are spectacular, visually similar to GTA, but way nicer vegetation and landscaping textures/layout. I also love that the sun can reflect off of chopper blades while they’re spinning, I thought that was a great touch.

The Wildlife; I love that it even exists, it’s so cool to be able to plow through a paddock and have to not only dodge bullets from a helicopter, but also have to dodge smashing through a heard of cows.

The Gameplay; is amazing, I love open-world sandbox type games, and this one is by far the best one I’ve ever played, the freedom to do whatever you want is great. The grappling hook allows for a such unique effect every time you try it out, it’s almost limitless what you can do in this world.

Conclusion; I recommend this game to anyone who loves to have the freedom and fun that a sandbox game delivers with awesome graphics and endless possibilities. Hell, I’d recommend this game to anyone really.

Okay, I think I’ve made my point, I’m going to go back to playing this game right now, I hope you all enjoyed this post, if you liked it, feel free to like the video or comment or anything really, I’d really appreciate it!

I may do a full review later when I’ve had a longer time with it and know if there is any issues with it or not. Alright, take it easy, I’ll see you in the next one!

Pinnacle Dazzle/Studio – Best Quality [How-to]

Hey guys, today I thought I’d make a how-to on getting the best quality video using the Pinnacle Dazzle and Pinnacle Studio without buying any extentions.

I’m using Studio 11 so things may vary according to what has changed – layout wise – throughout each version.

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