Red Dead Redemption [Review]

Hey guys, Tim here again. This post was started ages ago, but I had to start again because the original idea for it was to write it whilst I was still playing though it and give my thoughts as they came. But unfortunately I ended up finishing the game before I finished the post, so I had rewrite it.

I was really planning to do a long post on this game; it deserves it. But I know not many people love two page posts, and I honestly skip to the end for the conclusion, anyway.  So instead of writing a prologue, ode, episode, ode, and epilogue, let’s just cut the bullshit and dive in.

That Was a Prologue..

Yeah, I know, but it can’t be helped. This isn’t a Greek play, I’ll avoid the odes. You probably won’t like my singing anyway.

I’m going to tell you guys straight up what my thoughts are on this game. Keep in mind I’ve always enjoyed Rockstar’s open world games, even doing stupid shit like off-roading in Limousines in GTA4. But this game will destroy your time with it’s purposefully packed in time wasting crap — not the bad kind either.


First, I’d like to talk about the story. It’s pretty good. Better than GTA4, as I assume it benefits from being under 20 hours long (woot?) and the voice acting is pretty damn good. Several times on missions, after some scumbag’s been getting me to do his dirtywork for a little bit just to get some detail or item out of him, John (main character; you) complains to him in a manly sort of way and dead on tells the guy he’ll kill his sorry ass if he leads him on again. It’s kind of like what I hear Uncharted 2 was like, in the player-protagonist thoughts department.

Back to story, you feel like it’s all believable, you’re a part of it, and you’re a badass. You wipe out whole gangs, rob trains without anybody noticing you, and hunt down your old gang members before they kill you.

Misc. Fun Cosas

The random shit, that’s entertaining. It’s all there. Hunting armadillos to grizzly bears and cougars (cougars are hard, keep an eye out), doing fun missions for strangers (er, “Stranger Missions”), getting challenged to draw-your-gun-first duels, random events, and much more. Personally, I enjoy hogtying whole towns. I loved all of this.


But is it pretty? Does it sound good? You shallow bastard, don’t be vain and only go by looks! But if you really want to know, this thing’s Megan Fox in a bikini and sounds like pure bliss. Everything’s sharp in 720p for me, runs fine, and textures are high-res. If you’re a PS3 owner, you will have slightly worse graphics than us 360 owners, but that’s because it’s a port. However, everybody I’ve heard play it on PS3 hasn’t whined much, it’s just slightly lower-res textures by a few pixels is all, I hear.

It sound’s amazing with every gunshot sounding fine and great, especially on a Turtle Beach Headset, with great voice acting and tons of unique voices. Horses sound pretty great, too. Along with the other 50 species in the game.

Presentation (Like Menus and Cutscenes)

The menus are similar to GTA4s, listing every stat in the stat panel, brightness/contrast/brightness sliders, full weapon info, challenges, mission logs, and more. Outfits panel, too. 14 outfits total. There’s an in-game weapon wheel, for access without pausing as well. Hey, there’s also dynamite!

All the cut-scenes are pretty well done with good camera angles and I have nothing to complain about, honestly.

The World Is Flat, Right?

No, it’s round. Earth is round. Go to school, and learn to do something like reading while you’re at it.

RDR’s world has open plains, rolling hills, epic vistas, tall cliffs, rugged mountains, rivers (that you can’t swim in :C, but who knew how to swim in 1911?), and just a world I can’t describe without you buying the damn game and experiencing it with me. Here, buy it! It’s great, but if this isn’t for you, I won’t judge., it’s just that you live in a desolate world with people that shake babies and haven’t experienced the joy of baby sloths, but that’s you’re fault, Jesus still loves you, but more so if you buy this game, trust me.

This is An Epilogue

Without pressuring you, I can full-heartedly say this game deserves a buy. I didn’t mention the multiplayer (full free roam, deathmatch, and gang hideout attacks and you can make a posse, or 6-man team) because everybody seems to have they’re own opinion on it. Personally, I preferred GTA’s, but this is also coming from the guy that loves racing games, owns the original Burnout, and is always the driver in any game he plays. And GTA has cars. RDR has horses. It’s that simple.

Any questions about this game, please feel free to comment below, and any tips or critiques you have on my writing you can write below, as well. I love critiques, they make me a better writer.

6 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption [Review]

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  2. Sean

    Very nice post Tim.

    I played RDR a few days ago over at my mum’s friends place and you were right that I would like it when I was deciding what to buy on twitter. However, I didn’t like it more than what I ended up buying which was Blur and the map packs for CoD:MW2.

  3. Tim Post author

    Hey, we got linked! I heard Blur was disliked because it was mindlessly hard. One quote is, “You either finish first, or twentieth. There is no second place.”

  4. Sean

    Yeah, I saw the link too.

    Yeah, it is a bit difficult, but it’s not impossible. That quote seems fairly true though, except I have placed at 2 and 3rd plenty of times, there can be very close races.

  5. Haris B

    I borrowed this game off my sister’s boyfriend and i loved the game. This game is a must buy. The only 3 bad things about this game is the saving part because f you are in a town with no property you have to exit the town and then save and the 6 hours thing, that should be optional. The second thing is how hard it is to get money. And the last one is… i forgot… erm, ill write it when i remember.


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