EA Online [Rant]

Hey guys, this was going to be a comparison of Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 but since BFBC2 is unplayable to the point where reviewing it would be pointless, I’ve decided to vent using the wonder that is ranting. The rant isn’t so much about BFBC2 as much as it is about EA, so here goes. (Warning: Contains Coarse Language)

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Second Blog

Create a Second Blog in WordPress [How-To] (Revised)



This tutorial only works from WP 3.03 and below.

Hey guys, as most of you know I recently set up a secondary blog section for my personal blogs. Since it took alot of trouble-shooting and help from a friend I thought I’d save you the hassle that I went through trying to create it.

So this is a ‘how-to’ on creating a second blog section where I will walk you through all the necessary steps in order for you to create your very-own secondary blog.

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40 Free Awesome Social Networking Icon Packs

Hey guys, today I’ve put together a large list of FREE social networking and bookmarking icons to help you find the set that is right for your website/blog because we all know that if you have icons that look really well, users will be more likely to click them thus geting you more followers or subscribers.

There is 40 complete packs of social bookmarking icons in this list that were all hand picked by me. I hope you like them!

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Pinnacle Dazzle/Studio – Best Quality [How-to]

Hey guys, today I thought I’d make a how-to on getting the best quality video using the Pinnacle Dazzle and Pinnacle Studio without buying any extentions.

I’m using Studio 11 so things may vary according to what has changed – layout wise – throughout each version.

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Modern Warfare 2 – Shotgun Attachment

Hey guys, me and my friend (razza 2) were playing MW2 on Xbox Live last night and thought we’d have a private match with the shotgun weapon attachments only.

When we were playing a game on rust we noticed that the range on those things was extreamly long and accurate at the same time. We thought “Hmm.. Lets test the range on these things against the Model 1887’s” So we did and I recorded it.

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5 More Modern Warfare 2 Classes

♪’Tis the season for Modern Warfare. Fa-la-la-la-la. La-la-la-la♪

Hey everyone, you may have noticed that I’ve been doing a quite a few posts on Modern Warfare 2 lately, well that’s because it’s really the only thing that’s on my mind right now and it seams to be on everyone elses lips too. It’s also something some of you probably have under your Christmas tree right now, so why not start your Modern Warfare 2 journey off by learning some good weapon classes?

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5 Great Weapon Classes for MW2

Hey guys, instead of posting a review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 like I said I would on twitter, I thought since everyone has done it, why bother?

So I’m going to give you 5 custom classes that will give you a huge boost in how well you play if you use them right.

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