Red Dead Redemption [Review]

Hey guys, Tim here again. This post was started ages ago, but I had to start again because the original idea for it was to write it whilst I was still playing though it and give my thoughts as they came. But unfortunately I ended up finishing the game before I finished the post, so I had rewrite it.

I was really planning to do a long post on this game; it deserves it. But I know not many people love two page posts, and I honestly skip to the end for the conclusion, anyway. ┬áSo instead of writing a prologue, ode, episode, ode, and epilogue, let’s just cut the bullshit and dive in.

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Xbox 360 Slim On The Way [News]

Hey guys, so recently I saw an advertisement on Facebook about an “Xbox 720” with a picture of what looked like a Prototype Xbox, I thought it was probably just a scam or a hoax or something since I had heard nothing of it before. But I hovered over the advert and noticed the link was pointing to a Facebook page, so I figured there was no harm in going to one of them.

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Coding PHP and CSS

Well I recently lost my job at the service station where I worked at because I was hanging around work after my shift talking to my friend who was working the shift after me, which was a total load of horse shit since she was still able to complete her tasks and serve customers while I was there.

I speculate that they only sacked me because my friend had quit that morning and they were looking for someone to take it out on and I was the person she’s closest with that worked down there. But I don’t care really, it will give me a chance to find a better job.

Anyway, since they sacked me, I have got back into making PHP scripts from my old “Coding days”, don’t ask me why I’m back into coding because I have no-idea. For some reason, the night they sacked me, I had this sudden urge to finish my upload script that I started making before I got the job there. The ‘coding-block’ that I had back then was no-longer there and I was able to work out what was wrong with the code last time.

So I finished the code and added it as a new feature to my other site (Animation Shed). The feature is called Storage Shed (pretty cool name right?). It allows you to upload and share any files that relate to animation, art or flash for free.

Once I had done that, I was messing with the test site that I used when I was making the code and suddenly felt like making it look nice, so I learned how to use CSS and went for it, the result actually turned out much better than I expected (See image bellow).

Click the image to go to the test site where you can test it out. Just don’t use it for anything as it might not be staying there.

I’m pretty happy now that I’ve finally got the hang of CSS, for some reason, PHP just clicked to me but CSS was over my head even though CSS is meant to be easier..

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say today. See ya next time.

Google Chrome Faster Than Lightning?

Hey guys, today I have an interesting video to show you, it’s a series of speed tests done that test the speed of real life things against the loading time of Google Chrome.

I am going to show you both the actual video that contains the demonstrations and also show you the behind-the-scenes. So I will show you the video’s and then talk about them afterwards.

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The One Man Defender

So I have recently got into playing objective gametypes on CoD: MW2 since the release of the Stimulus Package also added a temporary new gametype that randomly picks a gametype and a map from the map pack for you to play on. Today I played a game of Demoliton on Bailout and had an awesome finish with me being the only one defending the bomb site.

I was recording at the time and thought I would post up the last 50 seconds or so of the match and see how you guys liked it.

Here it is, enjoy:

I hope you enjoyed that. I’m planning on doing this kind of thing from now on, I will post small plays like this one here in the blog section and post full gameplay video’s to youtube.

Earth Hour

Well tonight I participated in Earth Hour which was pretty fun because we went to the top of a hill that over looked our city. However, the council of the city I live in did not turn off the street lights so we did not see the city turn to darkness, all we saw were a few houses turn their lights off which was pretty disapointing. I did have a good time none-the-less because I got to spend a bit of time with my family and I don’t do that much so it was nice. We turned everything except for the fridge off at the wall to do as much as we could for Earth Hour.

I even installed the Earth Hour WordPress plugin that displayed a countdown at the top of the website and during Earth Hour, it displayed a custom page letting people know that the site was offline during Earth Hour and telling people the length of time untill it would be back on. It also gave links to the Earth Hour website ( where you could find out useful information about the cause and why it’s worth it.

Here is what Zero Atoms looked like during Earth Hour:

I think it looked quite good and I didn’t mind it being offline for an hour because it was for a good cause. I hope none of you minded either.

I hope you all enjoyed the Earth Hour if you participated in it, because I enjoyed it. I am glad that it’s over though, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now. Continue reading