Modern Warfare 2 – Shotgun Attachment

Hey guys, me and my friend (razza 2) were playing MW2 on Xbox Live last night and thought we’d have a private match with the shotgun weapon attachments only.

When we were playing a game on rust we noticed that the range on those things was extreamly long and accurate at the same time. We thought “Hmm.. Lets test the range on these things against the Model 1887’s” So we did and I recorded it.

My friend has the Model 1887’s Blinged (Akimbo and FMJ) and I have the Shotgun Attachment on the SCAR-H, we both have Stopping Power and Steady Aim on aswell.

Here the video of us testing it:

As you can see at the start of the video, he is unable to shoot me but I am able to shoot him very easily. We estimate that the bullets can accuratly hit a target from 20 meters away but you would need approximitly 3-4 shots to kill a target in a hardcore game, 1-2 shots from 15 meters and 1 shot from 10 meters or less.

Question: What do you think of this?, do you think people will start to exploit this or do you think it’s pretty well balanced?

In my opinion the range is increadible and isn’t realistic but I do not think this will threaten the way we play because of how little the damage is at that range. By the time someone has shot you with one of them, you’ve already found them and can shoot back.

Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to hear it!

12 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 – Shotgun Attachment

  1. Tim

    Nobody can exploit it because the damage sucks. I have yet to be killed by a shotgun attachment without the guy sneaking behind me and shooting me with the barrel practically touching me, which has happened once.
    .-= Tim´s last blog ..My first client? =-.

    1. Sean Post author

      Yeah, true though you can kill people from a fair distance away even in core mode.

      And my capture set up is:

      NTSC 16:9
      AVI Best (Full DV)
      NTSC Progressive Widescreen (Project Format)

      Hopefully that helps..

          1. Tim

            I mean, do you have a splitter that splits the HDMI cable from your 360 into 2 HDMI outputs, or an RCA and HDMI? Or do you just use the TV’s own export jacks?
            .-= Tim´s last blog ..v9 Update 2 =-.

          2. Sean Post author

            Ahhkay, now I get ya.

            I’m using 3 RCA splitters and two RCA cables. I Don’t have HDMI because I’ve only got a Pal-60 TV in my room.

  2. Pathlion

    I doubt people will start using this alot. There is much more efficient ways of killing people at a distance. Also, with its power reduced because of the distance, it would be pretty easy to find them and kill them first.


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