Free File Uploading Script – “UPLOAD” [Updated]

UploadHey guys, today I have decided to give away my file uploading script that I built a while ago. I’m giving this away completely free because I believe most things on the internet should be free.

I’m doing this because most free file uploading scripts these days either have way too many features to the point where you have to edit a dozen files to get them to work. Or they don’t even come with the basic features like giving the link to the file after it’s been uploaded or giving error messages when a user didn’t complete the action correctly.

Also, some uploading scripts have built in themes that can get very confusing for some people who aren’t learned in advanced coding or theme styling. That is why I have made two versions of the script. One is a version with a built in design while the other one is a “Bare-bones” version (just the script and nothing else). This means you can either keep/edit the design I have made, or you can make your own unique design from scratch.


[wpfilebase tag=list pagenav=0 /]
All of these scripts will need a few edits, all you need to do is open the index.php file and follow the comments instructions. Comments will look like this:

<!-- Hi, this is a HTML comment -->


/* Hi, this is a PHP comment. */


You will also have to edit the header image for the full version, so I included the .PSD for it so you can.

Please excuse the fact that I’m posting this in the “How-to” category, I didn’t think making another category just for this script is appropriate as I probably wont do many freebies, but who knows..

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them, good luck with your upload site and thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Free File Uploading Script – “UPLOAD” [Updated]

  1. Sean Post author

    Hey, no problem man, glad you think it looks professional as it’s my first “Professional” thing that I’ve done.


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