Earth Hour

Well tonight I participated in Earth Hour which was pretty fun because we went to the top of a hill that over looked our city. However, the council of the city I live in did not turn off the street lights so we did not see the city turn to darkness, all we saw were a few houses turn their lights off which was pretty disapointing. I did have a good time none-the-less because I got to spend a bit of time with my family and I don’t do that much so it was nice. We turned everything except for the fridge off at the wall to do as much as we could for Earth Hour.

I even installed the Earth Hour WordPress plugin that displayed a countdown at the top of the website and during Earth Hour, it displayed a custom page letting people know that the site was offline during Earth Hour and telling people the length of time untill it would be back on. It also gave links to the Earth Hour website ( where you could find out useful information about the cause and why it’s worth it.

Here is what Zero Atoms looked like during Earth Hour:

I think it looked quite good and I didn’t mind it being offline for an hour because it was for a good cause. I hope none of you minded either.

I hope you all enjoyed the Earth Hour if you participated in it, because I enjoyed it. I am glad that it’s over though, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now.

5 thoughts on “Earth Hour

  1. Danni

    Well im glad you liked spending time with ur little sis but ur probably not happy that i beat u majorly in the game of life lol maybe a rematch sumtime lol?

  2. Danni

    oh yerrr i just ‘got lucky’. it wasnt the fact that i win everytime or that u had $200,000 and somethin and i had $1,000,000 and somethin lol yer i just ‘got lucky’ pffft lol


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