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Hey guys, this was going to be a comparison of Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 but since BFBC2 is unplayable to the point where reviewing it would be pointless, I’ve decided to vent using the wonder that is ranting. The rant isn’t so much about BFBC2 as much as it is about EA, so here goes. (Warning: Contains Coarse Language)

Okay Electronic Arts, I’ve had enough of your crap. Everytime I try to make an account or link my account or something, it doesn’t work, it’s either a system error on your website or it says something to the effect of “Your online account is not allowed to access online gameplay” when I try to log in/sign-up on my Xbox 360. My Xbox Live account is not set as under age and it is not on any family settings. I’ve tried so many things just to play your game but still it does not work and many, many other people have reported the same problem.

Yet you continue to make players create an account on your shitty website just so they can play a game they already bought from you even though they have already got an account with Microsoft. Isn’t the money they paid for the game enough for you?, you have to go and get members for your useless site too just so they can give you feedback on the game, well guess what?, most of the feedback is negative because your online accounts still don’t allow them to go online!

You really need to piss that registration shit off right now!, no body wants it, it’s just a compleatly un-necessary thing to have, I see no other game companies with this kind of crap!, why do you have to do it?!

You are loosing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars because of that stupid system because no one is going to keep a game that doesn’t work! As a matter of fact, I will be taking back my copy of BFBC2 as soon as possible because not only does the online not work, but the campaign sucks as well. There is cut-scene’s every 5 seconds which you cannot skip, the team mates do not move out of your road to let you go at your own pace and the graphics and sounds are totally shit when in cut-scene’s and arn’t all that great when playing either. You’ve given DICE a bad name.

I will happily go back to playing Modern Warfare 2 thank you very much, the glitches in MW2 are nothing compared to the shit you’re dishing out.

Sorry about the rant guys, I had to vent. I highly recommend you stay away from anything made by EA if you plan on playing online because it’s just one giant headache.

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26 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    Well Said!!!
    I agree completely every EA game i get i get the same errors and everything!
    They need to fix it badly

  2. Sean says:

    Thanks Jon, I’m glad more people share my views.

  3. Rocco Macall says:

    This is an interesting blog you have her but I can’t seem to find the RSS subscribe button.

  4. Hi. I needed to drop you a quick note to impart my thanks. I’ve been observing your blog for a month or so and have picked up a heap of effective information as well as relished the way you’ve structured your site. I am undertaking to run my own blog however I think its too general and I would like to focus more on smaller topics.

    • Sean says:

      No problems at all, I’m glad you found my posts helpful!

      Yeah, most blogs have what are called ‘niche’s’ which is basically a set topic that they will continually write about. I went in a different direction and I write about almost anything. Good luck with your site!

  5. Jerm says:

    I feel ya, after reading about all the fun my bud’s at ls2.com were having with BBC2, I decided to pick up a copy and join em online. Thing is….I CAN’T….. seems EA wanted me to register on their website….DONE….GO to enter my special code for my “limited edition” maps and weapons….EA tells me to piss off.

    Screen says “You Gamer Profile Does Not Have The Right Permission To Access Xbox Live Funtionality.”

    WTF?? I’m 34 yrs old and don’t have any family settings or restrictions set on my XBOX at all? Come on I even have explicit music video’s (gasp) that I bought off of zune/xbox live???


    • Sean says:

      Same thing happened to me aswell, my friend said he was having heaps of fun on BFBC2 online so I bought it so I could go verse him.

      Something is definintly wrong if you can get explicit videos but can’t play an EA game.

  6. Hey there, I have been following your articles for a few days now and was curious. How do I subscibe to your blog? I would like to follow your updates as they come along!

    • Sean says:

      Hey, I’m glad you like my articles. You may use either the RSS feed to subscribe (orange button at the top of the page) or you can subscribe via email to get email updates in the footer bar at the bottom of the page. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Lisa says:

    Well said – you certainly needed to vent – don’t let the big companies push you little gamers around!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi, I found this blog once, then lost it. Took me forever to come back and find it. I wanted to see what comments you got. Nice blog by the way.

  9. Jon says:

    I love how you reply to the spam comments, that’s so cute lol.

    And although EA online is total shit, their customer support isn’t. I’ve had numerous problems solved within the hour just by dropping them a support ticket; although granted I shouldn’t have to.

  10. Scottie b says:

    I hate bfbc2 game is a pieca crap for online camain is ok but way off topic from the first game plus I personly never got to play online i pay for my own live account I don’t get why it won’t let me play online

  11. Haris B says:

    lol. you have got a point and EA is really shitty but i really like bfbc2 online but the story mode is soo much like mw2 (storyline) with the russians trying to take over america with a big bomb. online kicks ass tho and i feel really sorry for you. no one i know has experianced any of these problems before and they all have an xbox… i have ps3 kos internet is free woot. story mode is a big let down though unlike mw2 and the sign up thing is unbelievably annoying… EA should just give up and let better companies do the games. lol love the blog.

    • Sean says:

      I’m glad you agree with me Haris and you’re definintly right, they should give up the sign up process and just be happy with the money.

      I didn’t know the story was similar, I just gave up on the story mode after the online mode let me down.

      Thanks man, thanks for the comment too!

  12. Matthew L says:

    I have a different problem, i can connect but it cuts out like every 30 mins. i couldent even connect to the MOH beta after it made me make a new account.

  13. Matthew L says:

    i will not buy any games if the online service is done by EA. i am sick to death of them. they should just shut down.

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