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Designing Clothes? 6

Designing Clothes?

Hey everyone, Today I was browsing online for some t-shirts with cool and catchy slogans and logo’s on them when I found a site that let you make and sell clothing designs online. This...

The Matrix Has You.. 0

The Matrix Has You..

So I was working on publishing a post for the main page that Tim wrote when I stumbled upon this cool easter-egg in the content management system I’m using (WordPress). I was comparing revisions...

Coding PHP and CSS 0

Coding PHP and CSS

Well I recently lost my job at the service station where I worked at because I was hanging around work after my shift talking to my friend who was working the shift after me,...

The One Man Defender 7

The One Man Defender

So I have recently got into playing objective gametypes on CoD: MW2 since the release of the Stimulus Package also added a temporary new gametype that randomly picks a gametype and a map from...

Earth Hour 5

Earth Hour

Well tonight I participated in Earth Hour which was pretty fun because we went to the top of a hill that over looked our city. However, the council of the city I live in...