Zero Atoms is a place for me (Sean) and guest writers to post anything we find interesting, any helpful things we want to share or anything else we feel like posting. We will work hard to post as many posts as we can and as often as we can but it can get a bit difficult with our lives interfering and what-not. You can follow me on twitter and get updates on anything happening with Zero Atoms, like site updates or posts coming up in the near future.

The posts we usually make here are generally about games, such as PC and Console gaming etc. because our staff base is almost entirely made up of gamers. We do have other interests, such as coding photography, design, science etc, so we may posts things on those topics occasionally.

About Me

  • Site Position: Main Admin and Poster
  • Full Name: Sean Byrnes
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: January 26th, 1992
  • Location: Australia, QLD
  • Twitter: S_Byrnes
  • Facebook: Sean Byrnes
  • Xbox Live Gamertag: MentalGamefreak
  • Steam Gamertag: MentalGamefreak
  • Youtube: MentalGamefreak
  • Bio: I am a web/graphics designer who enjoys basketball, chillin’ with friends, gaming and writing. I am the administrator for Zero Atoms and several other sites.

About the Blog Pages

The blog pages is are sections that I we to post things about our lives or interesting things we find are interesting but aren’t worth writing a full article about, or anything we create and want to share.

Guest Writers

We are always looking for writers to create posts for us on a very casual basis, it’s not to say you’d have to join our team of staff, quite the opposite actually, but that option is available for people we think write well and often.

If you wish to become a guest writer, all you have to do is contact me via the Contact Page and let me know.

Thank you for visiting Zero Atoms!, I hope you enjoy the posts we have here and you can look forward to more from us in the future!