5 Helpful Modern Warfare 2 Tactics

Hey guys, today I’m giving you 5 helpful tactics for Modern Warfare 2, they should really come in handy, and even if you don’t use them, atleast you’ll know what some other people might be using against you so you can combat it.

Stop, Drop & Shoot

This tactic is for when someone is moving towards you and you’re caught a bit off guard.

Once you see them, stop moving, drop to prone and shoot at them.

This gets them off guard because they wont be expecting you to just lay down in the middle of the ground, so for a second or so, they’ll still be shooting where you were, not where you are.

Thermal + Smoke

This tactic can be quite handy on large maps or maps with narrow hallways.

Step 1:

Put a thermal scope on any gun you wish, then choose the smoke grenade.

Step 2:

While you’re in a match, locate where a group of enemy’s are, then throw a smoke grenade in between yourself and the enemy’s and then look down the sight through the thermal scope.

You will now still be able to see them and they won’t be able to see you, so now you are free to shoot them all you like and they’ll just be shooting blindly into the smoke hoping to hit someone (unless they have a thermal too, so be careful).

Unlimited Grenades

This tactic is extreamly simple but works quite well.

Step 1:

Add scavanger to a class with a grenade set as your equipment.

Step 2:

Find a bunch of dead enemies all relativly near each other and just stay near them.

Step 3:

Chuck a few grenades towards the enemy and keep walking over the blue bags to get more grenades.

Keep doing that for as long as you want, it can last you quite a while.

Defensive Play

Step 1:

Find a good little area with a nice view of the enemy’s main congregation area.

Step 2:

Pick off the enemy’s when they come into view, but stay on the move in your little area so that when the enemy you just killed comes back for you (and believe me, they will), you can kill them again because they’ll be caught off guard by the fact that you’ve moved a few meters to the left.

Step 3:

After a few kills, be sure to check if anyone is trying to flank you, because they’ll be thinking you’re only watching the one way and we don’t want them to be right about that, now do we?

This is not camping by the way, camping is staying in the same exact spot all the time. This is called playing defensivly, it’s preaty much holding down a position. You wouldn’t go to war running around and firing into the distance hoping to hit something, would you?

Nuke in 7 Kills

This is a great tactic to easily get a nuke in 7 standard kills.

Step 1:

Set the following kill streak rewards: Harrier Airstrike, Chopper Gunner (or AC 130) and Tactical Nuke.

Step 2:

Use the ‘Defensive Play’ (as shown above) tactic untill you get 7 kills in a row and then call out the Harrier Airstrike near the enemy.

Step 3:

Camp in a secluded area while your Harrier racks up 4 kills, then use the Chopper Gunner or AC 130 and kill 14 more people.

Once that’s done, call in your Nuke and enjoy the slow-mo finish.

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14 thoughts on “5 Helpful Modern Warfare 2 Tactics

  1. Jouk

    PLEASE, change the “Tactics” and “Custom Classes” fonts! It kills the appeal of the MW2 text and image, IMO. And please, no white-gray gradient, something more original. But keep on posting, you’ve got a good line going now.

      1. Jon

        It IS camping. You’ve jumped from 2 extremes. You don’t have to stay in 1 place and get loads of kills ( camping ) and you don’t have to run around in the open. You’re not very good at MW2 are you?

  2. jk

    I realize this is months old, and might quite possibly never be read, but seems to me if you’re defending a set area, as opposed to sitting in one window or hallway waiting, that’s fine.

    I play a combination when I play. I’m average at best but I like to mix it up. For instance, in Quarry, I like to move back and forth along one edge, between the fence and a pair of buildings…defending the length of the map…then move to a different area, trying to clear buildings as I go.

    Seems to me if you aren’t sitting in one place, hiding, it’s not camping. I suppose it’s a matter of opinion, but we all have different play styles, and enjoy different things about the game.

    For instance, I hate guys who run around with either a grenade launcher or akimbo shotguns…but I don’t see it as an invalid game style.

    The bottom line is it’s simulated warfare…kill or be killed. I just think some people don’t like it when they lose.

    1. Sean Post author

      That’s right, we all have different play styles and as you do, I like to mix it up aswell. This list was a few helpful stratigies that I sometimes use and find helpful, not a list of gamestyles that you should do every game. And you’re right, the game is ment to be somewhat of a simulated war zone, so using tactics is going to help you survive.

    1. Sean Post author

      Lol, yeah, I hate the spam too, I’ll remove those two above your comment, I never noticed those ones before..

      Sure, my Gamertag is MentalGamefreak it’s also on the about page too.


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