5 Great Weapon Classes for MW2

Hey guys, instead of posting a review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 like I said I would on twitter, I thought since everyone has done it, why bother?

So I’m going to give you 5 custom classes that will give you a huge boost in how well you play if you use them right.

Custom Class #1 – Stealth:


  • SCAR-H – Silencer
  • PP-2000 – Silencer


  • Throwing Knife
  • Smoke Grenade


  • Marathon (Pro Version recommended)
  • Cold-Blooded (Pro Version recommended)
  • Ninja (Pro Version needed)

Death Streak:

  • Pain Killer

Information: This class is designed for stealth (obviously), with this one you’ll want to use it to get as close to the enemy as possible and as soon as possible to ‘flank them’ (kill them while they’re distracted).

Custom Class #2 – Rambo:


  • SCAR-H – ACOG Scope
  • PP-2000 – Akimbo


  • Frag Grenade or Throwing Knife
  • Flash Grenade


  • Marathon (Pro Version recommended)
  • Light-Weight (Pro Version not needed)
  • Commando (Pro Version needed)

Death Streak:

  • Final Stand

Information: This class is designed for those wanna-be rambo’s out there (me) that feel like they need to rush in and kill 40 people at once, well now you can.. kinda (more like ‘kill 4 people at once’ since there is only like 6 people on a team).

Custom Class #3 – LMG Assault:


  • AUG HBAR – Red dot
  • USP .45


  • Frag Grenade or Semtex Grenade
  • Flash Grenade


  • Sleight of Hand (Pro Version recommended)
  • Hardline (Pro Version not needed)
  • Steady Aim (Pro Version not needed)

Death Streak:

  • Final Stand or Pain Killer

Information: This class wasn’t really designed for anything.. I just tried it out one day and found it worked really well, if you use it like it’s an assault rifle with a giant clip, you’ll do well.

Custom Class #4 – Professional Sniper


  • Intervention – Silencer
  • Desert Eagle (or any other pistol)


  • Tactical Insertion
  • Smoke Grenade


  • Sleight of Hand (Pro Version highly recommended)
  • Cold-Blooded (Pro Version recommended)
  • Steady Aim (Pro Version highly recommended)

Death Streak:

  • Final Stand

Information: This one was designed for snipers that want to use what real life snipers use. Just find a nice spot to set up camp and drop those guys from the other side of the map while they sit there trying to spot you.

Custom Class #5 – Explosives Expert:


  • M41A – Grenade Launcher
  • Javalin


  • C4
  • Flash Grenade


  • Scavenger (Pro Version recommended)
  • Danger Close (Pro Version not needed)
  • SitRep (Pro Version not needed)

Death Streak:

  • Pain Killer

Information: This one was designed for people who love to see things explode.. or just people who are good with explosives and want to use that to their full potential.

Kill Streaks:

  • Care Package (3 Kills)
  • Harrier Airstrike (7 Kills)
  • Emergency Airdrop (8 Kills)

Information: These are my three recommended kill streak rewards for all of the above classes.

I hope you enjoy those custom Modern Warfare 2 classes!, please let me know how you go with them in the comments section below.

Go here for a second set of custom classes if you enjoyed this one: 5 More Modern Warfare 2 Classes

129 thoughts on “5 Great Weapon Classes for MW2

    1. Sean Post author

      I know that, but I just gave a bit more detail about it in the brackets “get as close to the enemy as possible and as soon as possible to ‘flank them’”

      but thanks for giving a better description.

  1. Jon

    Pretty stupid classes.

    Class #1:

    Smoke is probably the last thing you want for stealth. It’s easy to back out of and then as soon as you try to run through, you’re screwed. Flash would be the best, because if you get them in the face they can’t see you and they can’t back out of it.

    Class #2:

    Considering it’s a run and gun class, you wouldn’t want an acog scope on the SCAR. Especially since acog amplifies recoil. You’d want a powerful or fast-firing gun, preferably a Vector, or Akimbo Vectors.

    And G18 akimbo are far superior to the PP2000 akimbo.

    Class #3:

    Red Dot is a waste of an attachment. The recoil on all LMG’s is pretty high, so you’ll want a grip on the AUG, not a RDS.

    And why a pistol? And why a USP? You’re better off with some form of shotgun ( spas12 ) or a machine pistol. If you’re going to use a pistol, use the M9.

    Class #4:

    If it’s a sniping class, you’re not going to want a pistol, and at that, a pistol with the worst accuracy and range. Make it an M9 Raffica, or a TMP or something like that.

    Class #5:

    There are much better guns than the M4A1, and since you’re not using Stopping Power, it’s pretty weak. Use a TAR-21 or an ACR.

    1. Sean Post author

      @Jon: How about you try them first?, they’re ment to be for lower ranking people who don’t have many guns. The newest custom classes post is the one for higher ranks.

      And btw, an ACOG scope on a SCAR-H is a very deadly weopon, just hip fire when you’re close to enemy’s, it’s not hard.

      1. Sean Post author

        But I do see your point, I already changed my Rambo class to an ACR with Red Dot but that’s because I have unlocked it.. I didn’t have it unlocked when I wrote this and neither did quite a few other people. So if you want me to update this post or give a second version of them or something, I will.

        1. Shane

          Hey just looked at this tried every class but the Rambo class I put mini Uzi akimbos cuz it has more fire power like Rambo

          1. Shane

            I think they r all good but the sniper silenced with cold blooded takes like 4 shots to kill a person but I use it with stopping power and it’s slot better

          2. Sean Post author

            Awesome, i’m glad you like them. Yeah, silenced snipers are pretty bad, they used to be a lot better, but they changed something when they fixed a bug at one point.

      2. Jon

        I’m not going to try them because I have better classes.

        ACR + FMJ, M1014, Scavenger Pro, Stopping Power Pro and Sitrep.

        This is what I use and so far I’ve gone nothing but positive.

        Key is to just pair up the best weapons and perks into 5 classes and alternate between them when the need be. Not worry about “realism”, because you’ll get owned.

          1. Jon

            Fuck off CJ, I gave him very fair constructive criticism about his classes, and it was HIM who took it the wrong way and turned it into an argument.

            And what’s your other site, Sean?

          2. Sean Post author

            @Jon: Just leave right now. If you post anymore comments that arn’t helpfull or are just plain rude etc, I will be deleting them.

  2. Raul

    these classes are awesome,but i would recomend a thermal scope for the intervention (if you have it).But overal great classes.BTW Jon STFU! Peace.

    1. PS3dont hate

      for your explosives class try-

      M4A1-grenade launcher
      ATS4 (i think best launcher)

      Scavenger- (more launcher shots)

      Cold- Blooded (to shoot down harriers and stuff @ ease)

      Commando Pro (occasional knifing)

      Stun Grenade
      C4 (fun & funny)

  3. Raul

    Your welcome and if u need anymore tips just ask. My best for assault: ¤Scar-H with red dot¤Model 1887s Akimbo¤Equipment-Semtex¤Special Grenade-Stun Grenade¤Perk1-Sleight of hand Pro¤Perk2-Cold Blooded Pro¤Perk3-Steady Aim Pro¤Deathstreak-Final Stand///If u like it or have any tips please tell.Also Sean what is ur xbox live gamer tag? I might get a 360 soon.

    1. Sean Post author

      Nice, I’ll try that one and see how it goes.

      My gamertag is: MentalGamefreak

      If you do get a 360, add me and I’ll game with you.

  4. Raul

    Thanks and tell me how it goes with this class. And again if you have any recomendations please do tell. I’ll add you for sure if I get it. You should post some gameplay aswell especially with my class. Also my killstreak setup is UAV-Harrier airstrike-EMP try it out. Goodluck and Goodbye.

  5. Taylor

    For the explosives expert try the javalin. you can lock on to enemies through buildings and across the map, plus with scavenger u can keep getting more ammo for it.

    1. Sean Post author

      Okay, thanks. I was meaning to add that because when I wrote this I hadn’t unlocked the javalin. So I’ll do that soon, thanks.

      1. Silas

        for the explosives class, i use the thumper, cos it has 2 grenades, and it lobs like the grenage launcher thats undermounted. u unlock it pretty quick, too, if ur into prestiging. on my fourth prestige right now, and i got another vital class: shoot crap down. u shoot down harriers n choppers. really useful. i got a lmg of any choice on it, secondary is stinger, smoke, whatever u want for equipment, scavenger (pro not needed) danger close pro or stoppin power pro, and i dont remember the 3rd perk. useful when someone else doesnt shoot that crap down.

        1. Silas

          oh,and i got a gamertag, if u wanna hook up, sometime. Smerk G. dont remember if there was or wasnt a space, but, whatever.

          1. Silas

            yeah, i get ur point. i try not to noob tube, so i use the rpg, but it sucks bcuz of the inaccuracy

          2. Sean Post author

            Actually it can be surprisingly accurate if used correctly, but I don’t use it on people, I use it on the vehicles in the game.

  6. :o

    That is a crap setup.
    If you use a setup with marathon and lightweight, Use a UMP45 silenced, P90 silenced, MP5K silenced or anything.

    AUG HBAR sucks without grip.

    You NEVER use a silencer on intervention unless your working on HBS, Barret is a exeption. Never use a deagle or magnum with a sniper class unless its akimbo’d.

    For explosives, After 3 prestiges of figuring out the best explosive classes, the best IMO is:
    Any AR+ Grenade launcher
    Thumper/ one man army (OMA)
    stun/flash/smoke (if your using smoke noob tube in smoke)
    OMA/scavenger, OMA to get a number of noob tubes at once, only problem is you have 2 noob tubes to use before having to change to the same class again and you get no thumper. Scavenger to go over a dead body and get more noob tubes and you have 4 noob tubes to use before having to find a corpse.
    Danger close, This is a explosive class so you have to have this, If you havn’t unlocked this use cold blooded.
    Anything BUT scrambler, Scrambler gives you away.
    Commando is sort of usefull
    Ninja is reasabley useful
    Sitrep is almost useless
    Last stand is absolutly USELESS

        1. Silas

          yep, i use the tactical knife when i unlock it, mostly using LAST STAND… so, yeah. and i learn to cope with the rambo guys, but it pisses me off when they use the preset class… that thing has marathon and lightweight already, only exception is instead of commando, they use ninja, since its preset.

    1. Sean Post author

      You know the explosive class wasn’t titled ‘Noob Tuber’ and was in no-way ment to be for people to spam grenades across the map.

  7. Spike

    Arhh if you want to get to the enemy “as soon as possibly” why are you recommending a heavy assualt rifle and also not lightweight

      1. Spike

        Actually the speed increase you think pulling out a secondary is just a visual trick your mind plays on you because of the way they character runs with his secondary. Have you noticed there is only a mobility rating on the main weapon, that is because the main weapon you choose to spawn with and it alone (aside from perks) will determine your speed. Even if you pick up a new main weapon you will still be stuck with the mobility of the one you chose at spawn. AKA your method is incorrect, obviously you haven’t even tested it.

        1. Sean Post author

          Facinating information there spike. You’re right, I havn’t tested it but that’s because I’m not the kind of guy to go in a game by myself and test things like that. I rather just playing the game.

          1. Trippy

            I really enjoyed this article, im gonna try some of these classes as soon as i get on, a Dual Wield Class could be pretty cool

  8. OpTic Ninja

    Hey I’m OpTic Ninja and this is basically the only two classes I use.
    Intervention – Extended Mags
    Desert Eagle – No Attachment
    Throwing Knife
    Stun x2
    Slight of Hand Pro
    Stopping Power Pro
    Ninja Pro


    M21 EBR – Silencer
    PP2000 – Silencer
    Throwing Knife
    Smoke x1 (Great to distract noobs)
    Marathon Pro
    Cold-Blooded Pro
    Ninja Pro
    Haha people walk right past you and you get a headshot 😛 i currently have 923 head shots with the M21 EBR. Thanks for the ideas Sean! Adiios!

  9. Trippy

    Sean for higher lvls this class could be useful:

    ACR w/ Holographic or Acog
    M1014 w/Grip or Rangers w/Akimbo

    Scavenger/Sleight of Hand
    Commando/Steady Aim

  10. Trippy

    I also like to use these 5 class:I have gotten a nuke with all of these classes b4 so im confident these are decent
    Assault: This class is ment to be able to maul people at Medium Long to even close range, 37 Nukes total
    Ak-47 w/ Acog
    Desert Eagle w/ Akimbo
    Throwing Knife
    Sleight of Hand
    Stopping Power

    Dual Wield: This class i use all the time to easily get my EMP and sometimes a Nuke, for Medium to Close range 58 nukes total
    Mini Uzi w/ Akimbo & Rapid Fire
    Ragers w/ Akimbo & FMJ
    Steady Aim

    Machine Gun: This class was ment for the same thing as assault except fire alot long because of more ammo. 16 nukes total
    M240 w/ Extended Mags
    RPG/Thumper(with scavenger you keep getting artillery)
    Frag Grenade
    Smoke Grenade
    Scavenger (if you dont like use Sleight of Hand but i liked this better)
    Stopping Power OR Danger Close (more dmg on gun or on explosives)
    Last Stand ( i like this because its my only class with it so they dont expect it)

    Sniper: this one is ment for 1 hit almost anywhere or you can stay incognieto blingsa good 1st perk for both stealth and power 🙂 9 nukes total
    Intervention w/ FMJ or Silencer( with bling you can use both)
    M1014 w/Grip or Silencer (with bling you can use both)
    C4 or Claymore (for when they come up at you they go boom haha)
    You can do anything here(i use flash but if you use thermal then smoke is good)
    Sleight of Hand OR Marathon (to reload of move faster)
    Stopping Power OR Cold Blooded (for more power or to stay incognieto)
    Ninja OR Sitrep (so they dont know where you are OR you can hear em with pro cus they’re louder)

    Riot Control: This is kinda useless you can replace it with an other class but its fun to use this just to annoy people if your good at using it 29 nukes total
    Riot Shield
    Any shotgun, rangers or model 1887 are good cus of akimbo bu really any one, grip is a good attachment
    Blast Shield (no map but if your a good shield user youll almost never die)
    Marathon Pro
    Hardline Pro
    Steady Aim cusi really dont ADS with a shotgun that much

    I like to use Emergency Airdrop,EMP and Nuke ad always Final Stand as a Death Streek

    Hope these could be of some use, Sean i love this article hope you post some better classes then min for higher levels, some videos of you using your class could be awesome if you could 🙂

    1. Sean Post author

      Cool, I’ll try them out and see how they go. I’m glad you like this post. I’ll see if I can make some vids of me using my classes and I’ll have a go at writing some more classes soon too. Thanks!

  11. max alic

    u put tar 21 red dot site double magnum thowing knife stung unlimitid ssprint pro coold blood pro ninga pro deth streek pain killer harryer strik emerguny airdrop nuke iam on my 10 th prestige 70 and finish

  12. max alic

    modern warfare2 is the only game at i play all the time online because my best streek is 57 then i allmost got a kill but i got snippered out by the ump45 with the thermole but i got the 57 kills tar 21 red dot on rust

  13. ALEX

    hey nice classes i used them and there beast now i just have pure snipers i was thinking if u like search and destroy the best class is m4 red dot sight silencer claymore stun or flash optinol bling pro/cold blooded/stirep/ final stand that class will kick so much @ss if i were u ill use it youl like it add me on xbox live gamertag/oswaldo 805 see you on xbox live

  14. Dan

    Hey, thanks for the classes! They really helped! Here are the only two things I don’t like about them:
    Class 2: When I use marathon and lightweight I don’t like using an assault rifle( bad mobility) I like the ump for this with holographic sight.
    Class 4: I think the snipers are underpowered( not always one hit kill), therefore I don’t think a silencer is a good option. It just makes it harder to get a one shot kill.

    Just my opinions though. BTW I’m glad you don’t support noobtubes!!

    1. Sean Post author

      Hey, no problem mate! Glad I could help.

      Class 2: Yeah, it can be a bit difficult, but I use it as more of a means of getting to the enemy faster, not necessarily “Running and Gunning”.

      Class 4: Yeah, they definintly are, recently I’ve been using my Sniper almost all the time and I’ve noticed I’ve got a lot more hit-markers then I should be getting.

      Yeah, Noob-Tubes are my most hated weapon, they should really take it out of the game.

      1. Dan

        Yes, totally agree that they should be taken out of the game. If there is a whole team using them it can be game deciding.

  15. Adam.

    To Be Honest My Favorite Classes Are The Ones I Can Get Nukes With So I Use The Stronger Weapons


    Scar-h_Grenade Launcher

    Helps To Get Nukes In .Free_For_All.


    Harrier Strike
    Chopper Gunner
    Tactical Nuke

    Also Works In Team Deathmatch If Your Good 🙂

  16. samson

    id rather use ump45 on stealth class its very powerful and have a nice iron sight and on sniper class i use m93 raffica silenced but overall its good.

  17. Casey

    I use a pretty basic pack. I Iike it fine:

    M16A4 (no attachment or camo)
    G18 (with silencer and red dot sight.)
    Semtex and Flash grenades
    Perk 1, Bling Pro [required] Perk 2,
    Hardline [pro not required] Perk 3, Ninja
    [pro not required] and Martyrdom for D.S.

    For those of you who like a challenge,
    this is the pack for you.

    1. Sean Post author

      That’s pretty cool, although using the M16A4 isn’t really “for those who like a challenge” It’s a very simple gun to use.

  18. ALEXIS

    hey the classes you made are the best in the world i recomend them to every on in the world i use to have more deaths than kills but guess wat those classes are so good i have much more kills then deaths you are so good at making classes dude are you pro or something if your not sighn up as soon as posible your my idol and you said your favriote hoby is basket ball can you give me any tips on basketball ill really apriciate it and by the way keep on making pro classes your so awsome bye

    1. Sean Post author

      Wow, thank you so much, that’s just what I needed to feel better. 🙂

      To tell you the truth, I’m not all that good at basket ball, I’m only just starting out, sorry.

      But I’m glad you’re doing well with the classes. I’ll have a go at making more classes for ya in a new post.

      Thanks for the comment!

  19. ALEXIS

    hey im pro at setting up traps first you get any wepon but you have to use the C4 this only works in afghanistan only setup the C4 on the wall next to the broken down airplane then go hide but make sure your looking for anyone that goes in if someone does detinate your C4 youl get on peoples nereves on search and destroy so i do recomend it next one is on where ever you want in the map first shoot sombody but make sure you do kil him this work on th claymore c4 or throwing knife wach make him chase you when hes chasing you plant a c4 or claymore in front of you and laydown on the ground and the let the xplosion do the job and the other one prone and let him pass then stand up shoot the floor make him turn around and throw the throwing knife and you allready have me in your friends list im oswaldo 805 so dont delete me cause i got the red ring ill be on soon and can i do a website with you like this website you did or can you teach me ill really apriciate it thanks and by the way your pro and dont say your not cause you are soo good allright writ back as soon as possible bye take care

  20. Adonias

    nice classes, even though i hate acog. my best is a ump 45 silenced, usp fmj (or tac. knife), slight of hand pro, stopping power pro, steady aim pro. even though it is a silenced smg, i still snipe people from across the whole of wasteland. Oh yeah, and have your killstreaks as predator, harrier, pavelow/ chopper gunner/ ac130. equipment: throwing knifes, flashbangs.deathstreak, final stand.

  21. Andrew

    I like your classes you should try
    Tar-21 (silenced)
    Scavenger Pro (not necessary for pro)
    Stopping power PRO
    and Ninja PRO
    its my free for all class I hate it when some1 gets airsupport.. i take it out and its nice to lock on if u have like a main battle area.
    (Free for all)

    also try
    P90 Extended mags + silencer (so much recoil)
    G18’s akimbo extended mags
    Bling PRO
    Hardline PRO/Cold Blooded PRO
    Steady Aim Pro/Ninja Pro
    (close range maps) + flanking

    Intervention/Barret 50. CAL Thermal/FMJ dependings on which map
    Usp.45 Fmj, silenced, or akimbo
    Sleight of hand PRO/Bling PRO
    Stopping power Pro
    Steady Aim PRO

    really good sniping class

    M21 w/ Acog (Bling heartbeat/silenced/extended mags)
    M93 Rafica silenced w/ holo or akimbo w/ silenced
    Throwing Knife/Stun
    Sleight of hand PRO/Bling Pro
    Stopping power pro
    ninja pro

    Rushing class (silent)
    Note: Acog is extremely deadly on the M21 treat it like a FAL but stronger and a smaller clip its really good 🙂 I like these classes you should try them out and for kill streaks try 3/5/7 4/5/8 5/7/9 5/7/11 7/9/15 7/9/25 7/11/25 or if your doing really bad 3/4/5 make sure 4 is counter and for the 4/5/8 use a.d. sentry and emgency so beast !!! and do the glitch to get infinete emergencies but first wiht sentry depend the area 🙂

    1. Sean Post author

      Wow, that’s quite a list you have there Andrew, they seem like pretty good classes, I’ll have to check them out sometime.

      Thanks for the comment man!

  22. Chzy

    these are nice classes helped me out a lot. personally though for my sniping class i like:
    intervention fmj
    akimbo rafficas
    sleight of hand pro
    stopping power
    steady aim pro
    this class usually works well for me especially if i ever pick up a gun.

    1. Sean Post author

      Thanks, I’m glad you like them.

      Nice class, I’m using a very similar class set-up for my sniper class too at the moment, except I think the only difference is that I have the PP2000 akimbo’d instead..

  23. the stigs aussie cousin

    i love your classes, but i have 2 , 2 share with you to try out….
    UMP, silenced
    USP, silenced
    c4, stun,
    marathon, cold,blooded and ninja!!!

    p90, akimbo
    g18, akimbo
    throwing knife, flash
    scavenger, stopping power and steady aim

    thx 4 postin, they’rr real help

    1. Sean Post author

      Thanks for the comment ‘cousin’, you’re very welcome.

      Those classes look pretty good, but they wouldn’t be ones I would use exactly, maybe the stealth one would be good if you didn’t have C4 on it, because carrying around a bomb isn’t very stealth-like..

      The second one seems like too much of a tactic for camping, and it says that in the title aswell, so if you were planning on using it for camping, then it will work, but I personally am a camp-hater so I don’t advocate camping.

      Good classes none the less. Thanks again for the comment.

  24. Jezza

    Should Try Out the P90 Extended mags (Increases running time by 75%) guess its a cheap alternative to marathon but it free’s up a perk slot so i use SoH Stopping Power and Steady aim/ninja depending out what game type it is

    Secondary G18 Akimbo/M1014
    It’s a great class meant for running and gunning but if it dosen’t work for you…
    remember its for close quater maps such as salvage, scrapyard etc…wouldn’t be good for wasteland, derail etc…

    But yeah nice Classes i tried the silienced sniper thing it failed but it was hilariously funny 😀

  25. Nobreakingpoint

    Hey Sean
    I just started browsing your website, and I appreciate the fact that you make a good website with good advice. Now, I am going to share my personal opinion on what classes I use. Im not trying to say your classes are bad.
    Ok, my gtag on XBL is im amazng asian. Right now I’m like 6th prestige 34 or something but that’s besides the point. My classes are as follows (forget m rank, these are high quality classes for high level players.
    1. The acr with a silencer/red dot, probably use rafficas with that. Scavenger pro, stopping power pro, and ninja pro. I use this class for getting nukes, the only thing is that you need to be accurate and quick
    2. Tar 21 silenced, g18 akimbo. Scavenger pro, cold blooded pro; ninja. Also use for nukes, very effective.
    3. Ump 45 silenced, raffia silenced. Marathon, cold blooded, and ninja. Excellent class for quick execution and flanking. Slight of hand is unnecessary when using stealth classes.
    4. Intervention fmj

    1. Sean Post author

      Hey, thanks for dropping by!

      Those classes look great, #1 is my favorite looking one, it looks quite effective and the kind of class I would use.

      Is #4 meant to be just “Intervention FMJ”? Because there is nothing after that..

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. Nobreakingpoint

        Hey Sean. I had to finish something so I left it as is. Anyway, I left off at intervention fmj, slight of hand, stopping power, and ninja. I belong to a few quickscoping clans and my current 1v1 record is 79-2 so I guess I’m ok. 😉 anyway, my other used classes are:
        1. Famas red dot- slight of hand/ scavenger, stopping power, and ninja. This class is generally my fall back class, because of the power and accuracy.
        2. Rpd grip- slight of hand, stopping power, and ninja. Not to be a spray class, used for situations such as the hallways in terminal where running out of ammo is fatally harmful. Several kills quickly and easily makes for fun mw2 gameplay.
        3. Ak47 silenced/red dot- scavenger pro, cold blooded or stopping power, ninja. Very good class. So those are some o my favorites, if you get the chance friend request me on xbox live. But thank you for posting this website, the quality and work put into it is well done.

        1. Sean Post author

          Ok, sweet, I’ll give you some quickscoping games 1v1 if you like, I used to do no-scoping ALL the time, even in regular ranked matches.. most of the time I would go out of my way to get a no-scope or quickscope on someone even if they were at the other end of the map.

          My tag is MentalGamefreak, I’ll add you next time I get on the xbox, although my 360 AV cables snapped yesterday :C So it might be a while..

          Anyway, those other classes are cool, IMO not as good as your first set.

          I’m glad you like my site! Thanks for all of your input!

  26. M I C Camkillz

    hay my name is dustin i have used all the clasess and i love them. thay work very well thank you going to post any more.if any on wants to add me my gt is M I C Camkillz spell like it is

    1. Sean Post author

      Thanks Dustin, I’m glad you like them!

      I hope to post more, but since MW2 will be obsolete soon, with Black Ops coming out, I figure I’ll do another set for Black Ops instead.

  27. Chris

    Nice classes but i gotta stick wit ol reliable SCAR H GRENADE LAUNCHER + AA12 RED DOT or JAVELIN or RPG + SEMTEX + FLASH GRENADE + MARATHON PRO + HARDLINE PRO + COMMANDO PRO + MARTRYDOM , but still great classes

  28. Sam

    hey guys ive just unlocked the acr and i find that i hace had nothing but pwnage come from this weapon. this class has me pwning : acr holographic sight and m9 fmj with claymore and stun grenade. perks: sleight of hand pro, cold blooded pro and ninja pro w last stand or martydrom as th death streak.

      1. Sam

        nah coz ur rambo class is a running class this one is assult but swap the first perk for scavenger pro on my class coz i find i run out of ammo for the acr

  29. Sam

    hey Sean where did and how did u get this site was it free coz im thinking of doing sumthin like this a how to site but i would like some pro advice! 🙂

  30. Sam

    thanks for the advice but i hate the .wordpress bit ive made a website that you can order personilized music for you plz visit and spred the word djswitch.webs.com
    thanks! 🙂

    1. Sean Post author

      Ok no probs about the advice thing.

      Sorry, I can’t really spread the word much.. I barely spread the word about some of my sites.. But you’re more than welcome to put it as your URL when you make comments here and if people want to find more about you they can click your name and get to your site.


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