15 Wordpress Plugins

15 Essential WordPress Plugins

15 WordPress PluginsHey guys, today I have put together a list of 15 WordPress plugins that I believe everyone should be using. Some of these will be repeats from one of my older posts from a while back, but that’s because they are essential too and I feel it would be best to list them here too instead of linking you to the old post. Lets get started shall we?

Note: These are in alphabetical order only, they do not represent highest priority to lowest.

1. Akismet

Probably the best anti-spam system ever produced for WordPress, it reads comments and identifies whether or not the comment is spam by the number of links in it as well as the words used.

2. All in One SEO Pack

An excellent Search Engine Optimization system for WordPress, it scans your posts and creates META data specifically for it, it also helps search bots roam your content easier and faster. I’m using this and I’ve noticed most of my posts up on Google and giving me hits minutes after they were posted.

3. CommentLuv

Comment Luv gives other bloggers incentive to post on your site by displaying a link to the commenter’s blog or twitter page beneath the comment itself, this way everyone wins!

4. Comment Reply Notification

An absolute MUST HAVE, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve posted a comment on someones site and they’ve had no option to subscribe to comments and missed the persons reply, only to find out 6 months later that they asked me a question or said something helpful. If you have this, people will come back to your site more often because they’ll actually be notified when you reply to them.

5. Contact Form 7

This is a plugin that manages and creates contact forms, in other words, it gives you the ability to have a contact page and have users send emails to you without you ever giving them the adress, this reduces the amount of spam you will potentially receive.

6. Count Per Day

A very informative statistics system, it will show you how many visitors have viewed your site and posts for as far back as you like, you can go back to any day of the year (or further) and see exactly how many people visited each posts. It also gives overall stats like how many total visitors you’ve had so-far and also an average-visitors-per-day counter.

7. Digg Digg

This is a ‘liking’ system that allows visitors to quickly and easily share your content on various other platforms of your choice, such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc. It is also very flexible as to where on your post it can be placed.

8. GD Press Tools

This plugin is very helpful, it gives you some really neat administration settings, such as removing the WordPress logo, removing unwanted links etc. It also has a bunch of handy widgets that you can turn on and off but you need GD Simple Widgets turned on (see bellow)

9. GD Simple Widgets

This plugin goes hand-in-hand with GD Press Tools, it needs to be enabled in order to use the cool widgets that are available in GD Press Tools.

10. Login-Logout

This is a widget that will enable users to login via your sidebar instead of the traditional WordPress default login. You also need this enabled in-order to use the plugin “Theme My Login” properly (It’s listed down a little further).

11. SexyBookmarks

An extremely good looking set of social bookmarking links and icons that sit at the bottom of your posts, you can customize the look of it and which social networks will be displayed.

12. Theme My Login

This plugin enables you to get rid of the default login page and use a login page in your theme, this way, if you have users that are logging into your site that are unfamiliar with WordPress, this will keep them in the comfort of your own site theme.

13. WordPress.com Stats

A very informative stats system that focuses more on HOW people got to your site, it will tell you what keywords were searched in-order to find your site on search engines such as Google aswell as give you a list of links people clicked to get to your site.

14. WordPress Database Backup

This is an extremely essential plugin, it backs up your database information on a regular basis (depending how you set it, I chose once a day back-ups) and send a link to that back up to your email address each time. This will help prevent any loss of data if an event of dire nature happens, such as hackers.

15. WP-Options

This is an extensive set of options, it has options for things that you would have thought could only have been done by changing the code yourself, it comes in handy more times than you might think.

Well that just about raps it up, I hope you all enjoyed this post, we are very sorry that there haven’t been many posts lately, but we’re going to try to pick up the pace a bit more. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “15 Essential WordPress Plugins

  1. John

    Hi Sean. Great list. Got a couple of comments for yea.

    Akismet is the best and just want to mention that it is not exclusive to WordPress anymore and can be adapted to “Movable Type” and such.

    “Comment Reply Notification” Sounds great and I’ll be checking it out.

    I really like the “CommentLuv” on your site, but I just have a hard time seeing a little red heart having anything to do with Guysclubhouse.lol. I wish there were some options to change that.

    “GD Tools”? I have no idea and it doesn’t sound that interesting. What WordPress logo?

    “WordPress Database Backup” That sounds like a real winner and I will for sure be getting that. Sounds like that will save me some time on my FTP.!

    Nice job Sean. That’s a nice list.

    1. Sean Post author

      Hey John, thanks for dropping by!

      Comment Reply Notification is definitely something you should install, I’ve been wanting it on your site for ages, I post comments there and then I don’t know when someone replies to me.

      Yeah, one of the options in GD Tools is to remove the WordPress logo next to your site name in the header of the admin back-end.

      WP Data Backup is awesome and it makes you worry less about hackers or viruses etc. I recommend you have the email sent to an email account you rarely use, that way you don’t get daily (or in some cases; hourly) emails from your site. I use G-mail for the backups and use Hotmail for regular stuff.

      Thanks for the comment! Really appreciate it!


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