10 Great WordPress Plugins

Hello everyone. Today I’d like to share 10 wordpress plugins that I believe every blogger can’t do without. I myself use wordpress and use each of these plugins and I recommend everyone of them to you.

Click each title to be brought to a download page.


Akismet is an spam protection system. It’s there to help stop comments that it thinks are spam. It will usually look for comments with more than 2 links in it (User can change this to any number they wish). In my experience it is the best anti-spam system for wordpress there is and I wouldn’t swich to anyother system.

All in One SEO Pack

This plugin is used to format your posts and content so that search engines can read them better and give someone who is quering your content on a place like google, more understanding of what your site is about. It also lets you put an excerpt of what you want displayed in the info box below your site name on a search engine aswell. It is a really good plugin and I think everyone who owns a wordpress site should get it.

Better Comments Manager

Better Comments Manager is just that, a better manager for your comments. It allowes you (the commenter) to reply to other peoples comments by placing your comment directly under their comment, which makes for a much neater looking comments section.


Comment Luv is a post tracking system that gets the commenters website and puts that persons lates post under their comment (As long as their site is based on wordpress of course). I think it’s worth having on a site because it gives other bloggers incentive to post on your site. So everyone wins, you get a comment and they get a link back to their site.

Comment Reply Notification

Comment Reply Notification is self-explanitory. It’s a system that if the user checks the check box, they will recieve notifications if someone replys to their comment. That way you arn’t out of the loop if someone replied and it was important.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is THE best wordpress plugin I have ever come across. It’s a contact form manager/builder. It takes all the stress out of putting a contact page on your website and takes no coding skills aswell. It’s simple, fast and easy. You are able to add any input type to your contact form (such as: file sending, check boxes, drop down selection boxes etc.).

Sidebar Login

Sidebar Login is also self-explanitory, it is a login box for the sidebar (See our sidebar to see what it lookes like) that makes logining in for you and your users much faster and it also lookes better instead of the default wordpress login screen. I would only suggest using this if you want users to register, otherwise it’s just a waste and you’ll get a ton of bots trying to join your site which would ultimately just take up your web hosting space.


Damn Sexy Bookmarks would have to be the number one bookmarking plugin. It’s sleek, sexy (of course) and will go well with any theme. It’s graphics are amazing and it has all of the popular social bookmarking websites all there for you to pick from (See the bottom of this post to see it in action).

Edit Comments XT

Edit Comments XT gives you the ability to edit your comments even if you don’t have an account on that site (though there is a time limit and you do need the same IP address you used when you commented).


Subscribe2 is a subscribing sidebar widget/manager that allowes users to subscribe to your posts on the fly, all they need to do is enter their email address and hit enter. After that is done, the next time you post a new posts, all your subscribers will get an email that will tell them that there is a new post on your website and will most-likely be on your website shortly.

Okay, there you have it!. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you like those wordpress plugins!

By the way, if a link is broken or there is a mistake of some-sort in this post, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the comments or the contact page.

6 thoughts on “10 Great WordPress Plugins

  1. Mike Darnell

    Cool list you have here : )

    I’d like to suggest a contribution of my own (disclosure – I’m project manager for the plugin I’m suggesting).

    You’re welcome to take the Headup WP Plugin for a spin. Since we released it the day before yesterday it’s been downloaded over 300 times and we’ve been getting some pretty awesome reviews.

    The plugin is FREE. It identifies key-terms in your content and provides related materials from a variety of popular sources in a sleek pop-up window.

    For most key terms the plugin’s tabbed interface will display:

    1. A short summary about the key-term (Wikipedia style information)
    2. Related News, Articles & Posts
    3. Related images from Flickr, Panoramio, Picasa, etc.
    4. Related Tweets
    5. Related Videos from Youtube
    6. Related Products from Amazon
    7.How your readers Facebook friends relate to the keyterm (requires readers to approve Facebook connection)

    * For geographic locations the widget will display a Map tab too.
    * For films the widget will display a Trailer tab too.

    The link is here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/headup-bloggers-widget

    Check us out and tell me what you think @headup or at miked[at]semantinet[dot]com

    : )
    .-= Mike Darnell´s last blog ..We’re at Stream 2009 – Come meet Tal & Dror! =-.

    1. Sean Post author

      That sounds preaty cool Darnell. I’ll try it out when I get a chance.

      Though this list is only for 10 Plugins. So if I like it I may make another post later on similar but with more plugins or ones I missed in this one.

  2. Gerafiolina

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    Edit by Sean:

    English Version (Google Translated from Russian): Entertaining interesting article And unlike most other such committees of the water in the ears do not you pour

    1. Sean Post author

      I google translated your post, it’s probably not accurate but I think I understand what you’re saying, and if I do understand you correctly, thank you!


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